Men’s Health Issues That Are More Common Than You Might Realize

We often joke about the differences between men and women, and there’s a good deal of truth in this teasing. What’s no laughing matter, however, are the health issues that face each gender, and we want to focus on those that men encounter with alarming frequency.

From our three Michael Bazel, M.D. locations around the greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Bazel and our team offer dedicated men’s health services. The reason we separate this health service is that men can face some unique health challenges in higher numbers than you might think. Let’s take a look.

Erectile dysfunction

We’re going to start with an obvious male health issue — erectile dysfunction (ED) — which affects about 52% of American men at some point in their lives.

The ability to achieve and maintain an erection is complex and involves a number of different areas of your health, including your:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Mental health
  • Hormone health
  • Nervous system

A problem in any one of these areas can lead to ED.

While ED is more common as you get older, age is far from the only influence as 40% of men around the age of 40 experience ED issues at some point.

Testosterone deficiency, or low T

Another common problem for men is low T, which affects 10-40% of men in the United States. While your testosterone production naturally declines as you age, about 1% a year after you hit 30, this incremental decline doesn’t explain why more young men are developing low T.

Studies are ongoing to explain why 20% of males between the ages of 15-39 have lower-than-normal testosterone levels, and researchers have found that obesity is leading the charge.

Alcohol issues

Men tend to have more issues with alcohol use than women. The CDC reports that 13% of men have an alcohol use disorder in the United States, compared to 9% of women. As well, men tend to binge drink more than women.

This problematic alcohol use leads to more hospitalizations among men, more diseases like liver disease, more suicides, and more deaths due to car accidents.

Prostate disease

Men have a small gland in their pelvis called the prostate, which produces semen. This small gland is responsible for a large number of issues, including benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer.

BPH affects half of men ages 51-60 and about 80% of men after the age of 70 because this little gland continues to grow throughout your life. As a result of this continued growth, the gland can squeeze your urethra, creating issues with urination.

The other problem is prostate cancer, which affects about one in eight men, making it the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men outside of skin cancer.

As you can see, men have plenty to be concerned about on top of common, gender-neutral issues like heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes.

The good news is that many of these problems can be prevented or resolved with the right care. For expert oversight of your health needs, call one of our conveniently located offices in Panorama City, Bell, or Valley Village, California, to schedule an appointment today. Or you can request an appointment online anytime.

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